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Come as you are


Come as You Are

Come as you are, my slogan, is not just one of my favorite Nirvana songs, but it also has a much deeper meaning for me. To me, come as you are means that you just show up- as you are.

No one is perfect, and you may be far from where you would like to be, but you keep on showing up, taking it one day at a time. Slowly, you will improve and become a new, better, more complete version of yourself. But for the moment, there is no need to rush into bettering yourself. No need to try to compare yourself to others or try to fit the expectations of you or anyone else. Just come as you are- show up in the best way you can each day, both on and off your mat. If you continue to do good things for yourself to try to become a better person, you will eventually get there.

On the mat, this means you might not nail every pose, keep up with others or myself in class, be able to fully focus on being present. Off the mat, this could mean lots of things. You may still be working on improving some aspect of your life- physical, mental, emotional, financial, or you may be working to improve your current position in your career or improving relationships with yourself or others. Whatever it is that you're working on, just be patient with yourself and don't expect greatness instantaneously. Just show up, as you are, and keep on trying.



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"Kelly provided my friend and I with a personal yoga session. I had minimal experience and my friend had never taken a class. After an hour with Kelly, we were both hooked!

Kelly took the time to explain and walk us through each pose and hold. She offered a little massage and some inspirational thoughts at the end. It was a perfect way to finish the class/session.

My friend and I most definitely will be seeing Kelly again!"

-Ashley G. 

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