Meet Your Instructor, Kelly Strada

After completing my 200-hour yoga teacher training from Studio B/Yoga on Chocolate in Hershey in March 2019, I was compelled to reach more people and share the power of yoga. That's why I created Yoga by Strada. I also completed a 30-hour accessible yoga teacher training that allowed me the experience of teaching yoga in a way to make it accessible to all individuals whether they are seniors, have physical differences, and more!


I believe yoga should be available to everyone, and it is my goal to share my passion with anyone interested, despite any physical limitations they may have.

I have been practicing yoga for over five years, am extremely passionate about it, and know how life-changing adding a yoga practice into my life has been. I hope you will find it beneficial as well.  

My Passion for yoga is fueled by these reasons:

       Yoga doesn’t get boring- every class is a new opportunity to learn, to get better and stronger, and to try something new.

     Yoga allows you to focus on the present moment and ignore all of the struggles, stress, and distractions of everyday life.

         There is unity and a sense of community in yoga classes. We’re all at different places, but we’re all connected and we support one another.

           Yoga is challenging, but there are also modifications. I love feeling a sense of accomplishment from completing a challenging pose. I also love knowing that there are modifications for me whenever necessary.

        I love that it’s a workout- for the mind and body. I feel stronger after practicing yoga, and I feel better about myself.


I tailor my classes to meet your needs. Whether you are a beginner trying to learn the poses, somewhat experienced and would like a gentle Vinyasa-style class, or want to get your sweat on with a power yoga class, I will be happy to meet you where you are. 

If any of these benefits appeal to you, reach out to me to schedule your session so you can experience some of the MANY benefits yoga has to offer.